Makromed started functioning in 2002 in İzmir, by providing medical products, supplies and a high quality service to the healthcare industry.

Ever since our very first day, the quote “Primum Non Nocere – First, Do No Harm” from the Hippocratic Oath, has been our guide and motto. As a corporation founded by a medical doctor, we have always approached our responsibility of caring for our patients’ wellbeing as our primary objective.

Then, in equal measure, our care and responsibility for medical doctors and staff followed. Ethical values, a clear conscience and empathizing with patients and doctors have paved the way for the next steps our company wanted to take.

After crossing paths with various international companies throughout the years, we have been cooperating with the Medtronic Company since 2017, and are currently doing so. Thus, we evolved from a franchise into a distribution company. We have established many franchise branches and a wide service provider network in different parts of Turkey.

Without compromising on our ethical values and guides, by providing the right products with a convenient price and through the lens of an innovative and sensible mentality, we are still taking action to provide high quality service to the healthcare industry.


We are tirelessly working to establish a common understanding of quality service with our solution partners, in coherence with the ethical values that we believe in, and to spread this mindset all around Turkey. We believe in the importance of education and are well aware of the impact that it has on our field, which is why we are hard at work trying to provide our solution partners and employees with education opportunities in as many ways as we can. It is crucial for us to be relentless in our pursuit of high quality and ethically sound healthcare service.